St. Patrick’s

Weekend Mass:
Sunday 9:00 am

Weekday Mass:
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9:00 am

St. Andrew’s

Weekend Mass:
Saturday evening 4:00 pm

St. Cuthbert’s

Weekend Mass:
Sunday 10.30 am

Weekday Mass:
Monday, Wednesday & Saturday at 9 am

To: St Patrick’s Parishioners:

Our Parish Council have been busy planning for the weekend masses starting this weekend. We thought we would let you know the plans and changes before you get to the church.

We will be using the large front doors to enter the church. Please be conscious of social distancing practices. There will be someone checking off names as you enter as we can only have 50 people in total inside the church. By now you have been assigned by Isabel Quinn to go to either Saturday night or Sunday morning based on your preference when you registered with Isabel. We ask that you stick with your scheduled mass.

At the church entrance, there will be hand sanitizer. Inside the church every 3rd seat will be available for use. The others will be taped off. We ask that only people from the same household sit in a seat and you sit as close to the middle of the seat as possible. There will be tape on the aisle to mark out 6 feet.

The priest will be the only one giving communion and instructions will be given prior to communion. When mass is over, we will ask the people to exit starting at the back of the church again being conscious of social distancing.

After each mass the pews will be disinfected and we will ask for volunteers to help with this. FYI the bathroom will not be available at this time.

The above plan may change as the summer progresses It will be so nice to see our friends and neighbours again. As Dr. Morrison says, “Be kind to one another”

Please follow this link to the most recent diocesan protocol, “Worshipsafe.”

Covid 19 Worshipsafe